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The First of my T-shirts arrived !!

Breaking-Spoof-1000 SNOWBOARD_MENS_1000

Here are my thoughts concerning my first Test order from my Zazzle Store :

1. Shirt Quality : GREAT ! Even though I ordered the VALUE Shirts they are comfortable and are of decent quality. Pre-Shrunk and before I wash them I am happy with the Weight and feel of the fabric. The basic T (the cheapest one they have !!) Feels great ! and the 3/4 Sleeve fits awesome !

2.  Print Quality : GOOD ! Digital print right into the fabric, the images are not “PLASTIC” or raised and there is no stiffness of the fabric.  Keep in mind, both these shirts are white, therefore I cannot comment on a print over a dark shirt as it would require  layer of white to print on top of. The images are of good quality, shading detail maintained on the pencil sketch, and the color quality and graduations on the Green Digital image were maintained better then I expected.

3.  NOTE : to reduce image problems around the edges, I purposely prepared a PNG file where I “roughed-up” the edges of the images with a ‘paint-splatter’.  This also gives the impression that and printing defects are literal and part of the final design/product.

4. Delivery Time : NOT BAD !! Several things to consider here; cross boarder shipping (Canada / USA) and Print On Demand Custom Printing.  From order to delivery it took about 30 days (standard shipping), which considering the nature of things, was better then what I expected based on the reviews I had read before had.  Therefore, I am satisfied in this area as well.  As I ordered individual shirts, the both arrived in weather proof envelopes that were jammed into the mail box, eliminating the need for me to make a trip to the post office to receive a package, and given the nature of the product, there was no damage …. hardly even any wrinkles ….

Image Expansions

breaking-blow-up snowboard-blow-up

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