About The Artist


The product of a small Newfoundland community where he learned to draw and paint from his father (Willis Hancock).   While Practicing with various mediums / tools / styles and on a number of different surfaces from Digital, wood, vehicles, ceramics, paper etc etc. He decided Pencil sketching and Oil Painting on canvas became favorites.

Gary believes in keeping art simple and taking things back to basics, which explains the ‘Stick Man’ series that has taken on a life of its own.  Although capable of far more complex pieces, it is this series that has generated the interest to bring ‘Gary Hancock Studios’ to life and share them with the world.

As the saying goes : “I can’t even draw a stick-man“, well, The Stick Man gallery on this site plans to show you at least one spin on the subject and perhaps serve to bring some out of their shells and give it a try.

A self professed “Not A Photographer”, Gary has been bitten by the shutter bug, and in using his working knowledge of subject, composition and lighting he plans to use his photography for the study of such topics.  This approach makes most sense as, due to the cost of a growing camera collection, it would be difficult for it to become a self sustaining venture beyond a hobby level.  Examples of this work will be posted here for viewing as Images become available.

Please comment on anything you see or would like to see from the artist in the future.


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